That's Kris and I hanging out one afternoon at Whole Foods. We learned the hard way that taking time to be a couple aside from your role as a parent is crucial. It takes sacrifice. I takes recognizing that what you've been doing this whole time that hasn't been working needs changed at it's core. It's not easy to do, but it gets easier the more you work at it. 
I bring him up first because he's just as important to this adventure as I am. He makes me laugh, and helps me off the floor when I've been sitting there too long doing whatever. He's probably the most annoyingly positive and upbeat person you will ever meet. I love him for it too.

My boys are my world. That's Anthony on the left and Taylor on the right. Anthony was born in 2008, diagnosed with Autism in 2010. He's completely non verbal and works every day learning how to communicate his wants and needs with an adaptive speech device, and a little bit of sign language. He's musically inclined and loves to play guitar in his own way. He has perfect rhythm. He has a way with the ladies and has been known to give away kisses like candy. He's a rock star through and through.
Taylor is my engineer. He loves Lego and Minecraft like a lot of other kids his age, but he's really really obsessed with it. He was diagnosed as being on Autism Spectrum in 2016, along side being ADD. He has the ability to hyper focus on his obsessions with makes me think he'll build something truly amazing and ground breaking one day. His heroes are Elon Musk and Doctor Spock. He's also a rock star, but in the Tony Stark kind of way.
I also have a beautiful step-daughter named Destyni, who is attending her first year in college. She's majoring in Biology and is on track to becoming a physicians assistant. She lives a state over from us so we get to see her a few times a year. We love her like crazy :)

The latest edition to our family has been Mickey, the wonder dog. He is Anthony's Skilled Companion that we received from Canine Companions of Independence. We waited on their wait list for about a year until we got lucky and were picked for the training sessions. It's a two week ordeal that involved seeing how the dogs responded to each participant, learning how to give their commands, and at the end there is a graduation ceremony. They are a wonderful non profit organization that gives independence to folks all over the US every year with their specially trained service dogs.
(Go here to learn more about Canine Companions! No I'm not paid to say that, they are just truly amazing people who deserve all the credit and attention they can get!)

So now that you know a tiny bit about my family, finally, there's me. My name is Stephanie, and I'm a 30 something year old Mom who loves art, photography and design. I'm a few classes away from finishing a design degree that I didn't start until after I had my kids.
On the surface, I'm an Mom, Advocate, Writer, Artist.
  I'm an enigma, really, just ask Kris. So I'll try my best to describe myself here.
 I'm either obsessed or utterly disinterested. I am on autopilot and will not carry a conversation until I drink coffee in the morning. I'm also a coffee snob and will silently judge you for putting anything in your black brew. It is funny ,though, because even after the coffee, I still utter the words "Damn,I'm tired." a minimum of 257 times a day. I pick up 3089 objects from the floor and weird places around the house every day. I feel like my squat skills are pretty bad ass because of this.
Currently, I'm trying to downsize everything that causes me anxiety so that I can focus on things that are important to me. My problem is that I always want to make big changes, when small, doable changes every day are what actually make all the difference in the world. I'm getting better at it the more I do it. Breathe homie, breathe.
In my photos you will see me in one of my three looks. 
First is my "No I did not just roll out of a dumpster, but I can understand why you would ask."
Second is my "I showered and put on clean clothes. I have no idea what I'm actually wearing though."
Third is my "It took two hours to look like this. Compliment me, dammit!"
I don't play video games. Except Fallout 4. It's a sickness that I make time for on occasion.
My favorite color is black and I'm obsessed with Johnny Cash accordingly. Although, on the whole, I'm not a huge country music fan, but Cash was more than country music to me.
I love design and being creative. I was once told that I'm not a happy person if I'm not being creative. This is 100% correct. 
My other passion is being helpful. If I can't find a way to be helpful I am a miserable person too. When I find a way to be helpful while being creative, I'm at my pinnacle.

Oh. I curse sometimes. If swear words bother you, I will not be your cup of tea. Or you can let it slide and find a way to connect with me anyway. I worked in car sales around all men for years and then I married a Marine. I have couth most of the time, but my dirty mouth is my downfall in that area.
This blog is a huge project of mine that I'm inviting you to join in on. My family is different than others but we still find ways to enjoy the same things that other families do. My dream for this space here is to connect with like minded people who can relate on some level to my daily grind.
Life can be insane and I needed a place to put down thoughts and track projects. I want to live life intentionally and be fully present in every single moment. I want to give back to my community in ways that my life allows, and teach my kids how to do so too without the pressure of perfection.
So welcome to Sweatpants and Swear Words!

"People who only enjoy perfection are faking it. You want to know how I know? Because everyone enjoys sweat pants and saying "Screw it." at some point. Everyone does that shit." 
- Steph Murray

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